Different types of cushion fillings.
  • Poultry, low cost / quality
  • Curled duck is a quality entry level 
  •  85% duck 15% Down is a perfect combination
  • 50% Duck 50% Down is a top quality combination 
  • 100% Down for Serious luxury high cost

All feather cushions need daily maintenance through plumping, rotate cushions from different seating areas and remember the bigger the cushion the heavier they can get . A good trick is to remove the interior from the case and leave in the sun, this can bring life back to feathers.  
The down feather filling is lighter /softer and can reduce the need for so much plumping but will cost more.
85/15 is recommended for daily sofas and chairs.
All of my feathers are from Europe and are shipped in loose bags. This means non broken curled feathers and ultimately a better cushion.

  • Ideal for modern no fuss no plumping upholstery
  • Seat foams can be made soft firm or hard
  • Back foams can also be made soft firm or hard
  • Ideal anti allergic filling
  • Often foam is wrapped in Dacron to give a soft less ridged look and feel to the cushion "Dacron wrapped"
Imagine foam as bread, the mixture of ingredients and quantity levels can be used to create a good long lasting product, or can break down very quickly after little use. unfortunately its is not uncommon to find showroom products with higher grade fillings than the imported items ordered by the customer. 
All UK upholstery manufacturers must comply with strict fire regulations. This also helps with the quality aspect of foam.

All foam fillings supplied by Bespokeworks are uk compliant , copies of safety certificates can be obtained on request. 

Hollow Fibre
  • Hollow Fibre is commonly found in  duvets and pillows
  • An anti allergic option
  • Furniture super stores filling in leather sofas
This is the primary filling used in soft leather lounge type sofas, fixed cushion arm pads multi padded ziped on cushions.

Creates a soft plump feel initially,
 recommended use is for  back cushions  and arm pads only.

Cannot plump back up easily over time .